Nice Ride is coming to town!!

Nice Ride

First glimpse of the Nice Ride bike to be deployed here in Bemidji!  I love the colors!

To the tune of Santa Claus is Coming to Town:

You’d better gear up
You’re going to fly
Strap on your helmet
I’m telling you why,
Nice Ride bikes are coming to town!

You’ll ride them to your workplace.
You’ll ride them to the park,
Their lights will guide you safely home
If you can’t get there by dark.

Oh, your basket is full
Of needed supplies
pedaling home your smile is wide,
Nice Ride Bikes are coming to town!

Yes, folks, Nice Ride MN  is bringing bike share to Bemidji Minnesota! This spring a fleet of 100 specially designed bikes will be deployed in our Fair City for use by commuters and tourists, shoppers, and those of us who just want to enjoy a little exercise and fresh air in our beautiful town. The program will feature low rental rates for locals, convenient locations, and multiple drop of sites. The bikes are awesome. These 3 speed beauties are equipped with lights, a bell, and a rugged basket that can handle a whole bag of groceries. The chain is fully enclosed to minimize maintenance and prevent those black “chain kisses” on your ankle. Seat is fully adjustable. If you want a sneak preview of the bike come out for The Night We Light on Friday November 29th (see the home page for details).   We will have a prototype bike on display (it will be in the parade).  It will be available for test rides after the parade and other times during the holiday season.   Santa knows that when it comes to bikes Bemidji is never naughty, and always NICE!


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