Dramatic skies, rain, and fenders.

Adirondack mountains across Lake Champlain.

Crazy weather continues in Vermont.  Today the temperature reached 50 degrees.  It was cloudy and rainy for the most part though from time to time the sun found holes and for brief, brilliant moments bathed us in light and shadow.  Brownie and I went to do errands in South Burlington.  Keene Medical Supply had a nice bike rack for parking.  When I expressed my appreciation for it they told me that the city has an ordinance requiring bicycle parking!  Stopped on the way back to my folks’ house to visit grandpa and in Shelburne to pick up a few groceries.  The rain came and went.  Fortunately I drip dry.  Speaking of which check out my back side.  Over 20 miles of wet, gritty, oily, salty riding, and look Ma, no black line!!  No sand on my neck and no wet but.  Brownie has very long and very effective fenders.  Or should I say mudguards.  After all she is of English heritage.  No matter what you call them, all-weather city riding calls for them.  It is worth every ounce of weight to stay warm, dry, and unchaffed.

A clean back! Fenders work.

Champlain Bikeway heading into Shelburne. Share the road!

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