The Ditibiwebishkiganikwe is in!

I thought this post was going to be about the lovely spring weather and the first Shifting Gears bicycle clinic of the season but then mother nature played the old snowstorm in the middle of April trick.  I didn’t feel like wrenching in the snow so we’ve postponed the clinic to Saturday April 23 at 1:00PM, Peoples Church 824 America Ave.  Bring me your tires, your chains, your wheels yearning to spin free.  We’ll get you pedaling out into the fresh air and teach you a few things about keeping your bike in good working condition.

There is a lot going on in the bike world around Bemidji.  I’ll be blogging regularly and keep an eye on the Shifting Gears home page for event and opportunity details.  We can still use some volunteers for the Rodeo in Nymore on the 28th.

The folks at Peoples Church surprised me for my birthday.  I now have a new shingle to hang on my bike shop door:

It is birchbark, beautifully created by the Peoples Church wildcrafters and means “Bicycle woman” in Ojibwe!  Thank you my dear friends for a very special and treasured gift.

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